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Par3 pitch&putt Gualta
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Who are we

PAR 3 Pitch & Putt Gualta is next to Torroella de Montgrí and it is protected from “tramuntana” by the Montgrí mountains. Located in the Parc Natural del Montgrí, les Illes Medes i el Baix Ter, it is placed near the most beautiful beaches of Costa Brava and it has more than 300 sunny days every year.

Even though there are some social prejudices, here we pay special attention at taking care of nature because it is our main source of support. That is why we are part of the ONG World Nature for the protection of local species.

The course

Par3 P&P Gualta allows us to practice golf without taking up big land surface. Ours is between 80 and 90% smaller than a conventional golf course. Additionally we are not tied up to any urban speculation or real state business.

We have always tried to use local species in our land and during reforestation. This way, their needs are adapted to our climate and our geographic location.

Our water reservoirs have been design to be available for the emergency services in case of a wildfire nearby.


The main building was built respecting the environment. During winter the daylight is used to keep the temperature inside the building and when this is not enough, the underfloor heating turns on (it uses the energy from the solar panels located above the driving range).

As we have mentioned before, we have solar panels that not only produce energy for the heating but also allows us to have hot sanitary water.

We want all of our lighting to be energy-efficient light bulbs and not so long ago we have installed light that work during nighttime collecting solar energy during daytime.

None of our outdoor lights produces light pollution at night. They work with light detecting sensors and an interior clock to not waste energy.


We try to differentiate all the waste that we produce daily in our facilities.

The paper we used is recycled, can be recycled and it is ecofriendly. We always print at both sides of the paper, either for advertising flyers or our own. The office supplies are biodegradable, such as carboard pens. When possible, we also recycle golf materials so that they can be reused.


Our water consumption is slightly inferior to the one used on the same lands when they were used for agriculture. We also collect rain-water from the roof.

We are trying to improve our irrigation system to be able to irrigate only the areas that need it and when they need it, and even to stop irrigating when it is raining. We are also studying the irrigation system using wastewater. The subsoil water is analyzed periodically to detect any anomaly from any origin.