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Par3 pitch&putt Gualta
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What is Pitch & Putt?

It is a sport where you play in a course of 18 holes and the main aim is to introduce the ball with a club using the less number of strokes possibles.

In Pitch & Putt we use short distances, few clubs, starting from an artificial surface, and it has an own rating system.

Do I need a license?

It is not necessary to play, only if you want to compete, but if you are federated you will have more advantages.

Do I need to become a member?

No, you don’t. You can play whenever you want.

At what age can I start to play?

At any age, from five years old.

Is it obligatory to take a course?

It is not obligatory but it is recommendable, it will help you and you will have more fun.

Can I rent the equipment?

Yes, you can rent the equipment necessary. At every Pitch & Putt they have a renting service.

What clothing do I need to wear to play?

You should wear flexible, breathable, and comfortable clothes. It is also necessary to wear sports shoes that don’t slide on the grass.

Do I need to make a reservation to play?

In principle no, but it is better to call the course before, specially during weekends and summer.