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We rae 20 and we celebrate

With presents for the members

We are 20 years old, and to celebrate it we will give to all our members a gift. More years, the bigger the gift. :-)
Come to the reception before they end !!

This is the prologue to the magazine we have so excitedly published:

Three Empordà people, Josep Casadellà, Martí Freixas and Ernest Puigrós saw what an Irishman had seen in Catalonia, the sport of pitch & putt was a sport of the future. Later, the first two entrepreneurs started to open what was called a pitch & putt in the Baix Ter, starting with a design made by the prestigious Jordi Solé Peix, which he was always proud of, and by the best builders of the country, the Cañellas Brothers.

We already have one half, the field, now the other, the team of people that ended up routinizing Fina, Lourdes, Petra, Marc Pibernat, Pep, Quim and Pere Portell as teacher .
Then came Amanda, Julia, Raquel, Rasmus, Elsa, Sandra, Neus, Monica, Armando, Alba ... and many more who helped us grow and be best to get to the current big team consisting of Yuri, Samba, Estel, Richard, Jose, David, Anna, Funi, Montse, Julie and the great Josep Maria with all their Aputt team. To all of them, thank you for your dedication to being able to offer unforgettable experiences at the Pitch & Putt Gualta.
Now we have it all ready, and the surprise comes when players and partners become part of your life, and you realize that the work you do is, in fact, a privilege. These people are the pride of this field because people who don't know each other make friends and share many joys. And out of pride, all the sport, great captains of all these years that have led the Gualta teams to succeed repeatedly, winning trophies and making friends, some of them like Carlos and Martí who have helped to make the Club still successful. larger as delegates.
And we all form a living space that we share with other fields throughout Catalonia, which one day joined forces to create the Catalan Association of Pitch & Putt and the Catalan Federation of Pitch & Putt to collaboratively promote a universal sport without competition to distinguish sex or age, where the referee is yourself, where there are no opponents but self-improvement, where you make friends even if you do not want, where nature is the active and fun is the goal.

20 years later thank you all for everything.
Marc Casadellà and Amer
Director of Par3 p & p Gualta
Former President of the ACPP