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Join the padel school

Come to the paddle school and learn this sport that turns everyone crazy
If you like to have fun doing sports, come to the pitch at Pitch, at the GC Sports Technology Center.
You will diverge, you will make friends and friends and you will not be able to take it off. If you have never done it, nothing happens. Come to the open doors till the 11th October

If you want to try it, be glad to come to the week of open days till 11th October. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday.
Call Àngel, the coordinator, to ask for day and time: 645.96.02.55
We will adapt to you as much as possible and you will spend your time.
Ep! And it's free!




We will do two groups, one from 4 to 9 years old and one from 10 to 16 years old.
We will propose paddle dinamization games
There will be a learning training for 4 months and then the group will be divided by levels. Whoever wants to be able to compete.
Option in case of rain. We will go to the cottage of Ocitania, with shelter, for guidance advice.
Practical info
When: as of September 16
Where Paddle facilities Pitch & Putt Gualta
Timetable: to be agreed on demand.
Price: from € 25 / month
More info: 972.76.03.38 // 645960255 // //
Instagram @ sportsw.gc, Facebook GC Sports & Events